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        GeoAdvice specializes in better model building, sustainable network modeling, model management, and cost-effective operational modeling.

Are you making million dollar decisions based on flawed hydraulic models?

Do not waste another dollar on modeling until you have read this Checklist!

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GeoAdvice Engineering Inc.

GeoAdvice Inc. is an engineering consulting firm, serving public and private sector clients for public works infrastructure analysis and asset management. GeoAdvice specializes in water and wastewater hydraulic network modeling and training. GeoAdvice is committed to providing its clients with quality service, responsiveness and technical excellence on every project.





GeoAdvice Model



The GeoAdvice Model Comparator is an easy-to-use Excel tool which compares two models for all data differences.






Latest Gallery Events

Over the Labour Day long weekend, the GeoAdvice Team made the trek to the Okanagan and took to their bicycles. A 3-day adventure, guided by the knowledgeable staff at Monashee Adventure Tours, led the Team over 150 kilometers of the historic Kettle Valley Railway. Starting from Ruth Station in Kelowna, BC, the Team cycled through Myra Canyon and on to Rock Creek, BC. To view more pictures from our exciting GeoExpedition visit our photo gallery.








CBC Radio Canada Interview

Previously, GeoAdvice was awarded the B.C. New Canadian Entrepreneur Award in the category of Environmental Technology. Because of this achievement, GeoAdvice was selected by CBC Radio Canada, Canada’s French news broadcasting station, to take part in a series of TV interviews showcasing foreign entrepreneurs in Canada. The series focused on the challenges faced by foreign entrepreneurs in pursuit of starting and managing a small business in Canada compared to their countries of origin. Click here to watch GeoAdvice’s interview with CBC Radio Canada.